Saturday, July 3, 2010

it's Thursday, how did that happen?

Between night flights and time zones, and the normal vacation fog, I really lose track of days.

Let's see, we left Saturday night, arrived in NYC Sunday morning, did some wandering but not a lot, slept 12 hours that night, wandered for about 14 hours Monday, finally did MOMA for the first time,

wandered some more on Tuesday,

( OMG this makes me happy I quit, that WAS a special. I saw them as high as $12/pack. )
... and then did the terminal-from-hell at JFK, caught a 14-hour flight (by-the-clock) to Prague, spent most of Wednesday napping, and that brings us to today.

Always do one touristy thing that you've never done before. Today we took one of the boat-cruise-tour things. The guide was really good, made me want to go read some Czech history. ( *I* didn't know Celts migrated from here )

We had our wander from home down past the Charles Bridge, taking some routes we haven't before ( because getting lost is a GOOD thing when you don't have any where you need to be. ) had some dinner,

, ran into a cousin on the back home,

, went to 2nd dinner ( OK, we didn't eat again, we just kept company )

... and now we're visiting with our Aunt Katka, the sweetie who's watching me type this.

ok, it' Saturday that I'm posting this.. wifi isn't THAT easy to find.

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